• Successful companies and public authorities rely on comprehensive information and rapid communication. These are ensured by modern IT systems. We plan, develop, integrate and operate complex systems of this type for our customers, guided by their individual situations for which we generate bespoke solutions. Our services range from consulting on the development of new software systems to the procurement and operation of complete infrastructures in the information and communications area.

    We want our customers to benefit from deploying state-of-the-art IT systems. As recognized leader in the technology sector, we are available to provide you assistance and advice. We analyze your internal processes and optimize them - an important requirement for the increase in efficiency expected of new IT systems actually materializing. We develop the interfaces necessary for the integration of new software applications into existing IT landscapes and ensure their seamless introduction.

    Efficient communication is the backbone of companies operating at a global level. We help them achieve optimum communication solutions and ensure maximum availability, performance and security. As a technology provider, we deploy state-of-the-art technologies such as satellite communication.

    As recognized experts on the structure and processes of public authorities, we can guide our customers through the maze of laws and regulations in the area of public procurement law. Thanks to our decade-long cooperation with federal organizations (e.g. the Federal Armed Forces) and state bodies (e.g. the police), we are fully aware of the stringent security requirements for IT systems in this area. We also offer this expertise to our commercial customers in the form of high-quality security concepts and solutions.


    Company History

    101 Global Solutions LTD. has developed itself into a major national telecom provider of IP-based services to organizations, businesses and individual users in Kosovo and Afghanistan market. 101 Global Solutions LTD. was founded at a time when there was a wide supply gap of computing products and services combined with an increasing demand for computer use for businesses and households. In a minuscule office, the management team of the company specialized in computer sales became very successful in providing computers to its consumers. Growing their business from scratch was found to be intensely creative, stimulating, and consequently, rewarding.

    101 Global Solutions LTD. is proudly serving NATO, US ARMY, US Army Contractors, US Gov Contractors, Ngo’s, DOS, DOD and Civilian Contractors, operating in Afghanistan.


    Our Vision

    101 Global Solutions LTD. vision centers around the success of our customers.
    101 Global Solutions LTD. vision is to open access to broadband connectivity around the world.

    We will:
    Provide customers with cutting-edge broadband and wireless technology that is affordable, scalable and future-proof.
    Deliver high quality broadband services at home, in the office, and on the move.
    Provide reliable, robust connectivity to vertical markets to support their challenging applications.
    Bridge the digital divide, addressing underserved and unserved areas around the world.
    Enable commerce, collaboration and unlimited access to information



    We are guided by our mission to achieve superior heights. Our vision statement represents what we exist for.

    101 Global Solutions LTD. business mission is to understand customer needs and to meet them with reliable and cost-effective services. 101 Global Solutions LTD. is dedicated to constantly look for better ways to enhance its fessionalism and look ahead to the best way it can deliver its services.

    101 Global Solutions LTD. vision is to maximize the potential of its business –through a combination of superior quality of service, creative marketing, and efficient pricing – while pursuing profitable growth by delivering our customers a range of telecommunication products and services.

    Keys to Success

    Excellence in fulfilling the promise
    Highly motivated and technically prepared young staff
    Developing new strategies to integrate advanced services