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  • Mobile network solution – WIMAX 4G

    ImgOperators such as carriers, ISPs and Wireless ISPs can profitably deploy 101 Global Solutions and Airspan wireless networks into new and existing markets. They can reach rural and underserved markets with high-speed Internet and IP telephony or offer ground-breaking citywide mobile access. Either way, 101 Global Solutions and Airspan solutions enable operators to quickly build a sustainable subscriber base.

    WiMAX on the Move

    101 Global Solutions and Airspan helps create a truly ‘Anytime, Anywhere’ broadband experience. Using advanced mobile wireless connectivity, users can now access the Internet at high-speed while sitting in the park, relaxing by the water or commuting on a train.

    101 Global Solutions and Airspan solutions offer the highest-quality and most advanced mobile WiMAX solutions. As the number of broadband users around the world increases, so does the demand for higher-capacity and more progressive usability options. Users are beginning to expect the same speed, performance and applications while ‘on the go’ as they receive while at home or in the office.

    ImgMobile WiMAX is beginning to realize those expectations. The use of 101 Global Solutions and Airspan’s industry-leading USB device turns any laptop into a high-performance, mobile broadband client, delivering the performance and flexibility required by today’s mobile workforce.

    101 Global Solutions and Airspan’s mobile wireless broadband equipment enables a provider to build out a technologically advanced network facilitating high-data rates with long transmission reach for always-on broadband connectivity and high-capacity applications such as web surfing and e-mailing.

    Offering the next leap in the evolution of broadband connectivity, and adhering to industry standards, 101 Global Solutions and Airspan has the solutions to support the requirements of a market with an ever-increasing focus on portable units. Mobile users will be able to connect to the network using an array of portable devices including, WiMAX enabled phones, consumer electronics such as game terminals and MP3 players, and PCs of all kinds – making the most of work and play.

    No longer are providers limited to home or office subscribers. Now, with the deployment of 101 Global Solutions and Airspan infrastructure, providers can build viable and sustainable businesses that operate on cost-effective, flexible networks, while offering service packages for data and voice applications to subscribers in homes, businesses and those on on the move.

    101 Global Solutions and Airspan Advantages:
    • Advanced handover and roaming capabilities
    • End-to-end innovation
    • Complete turn-key solution
    • WiMAX Forum certification and compliance
    • World’s only quad-band USB device
    • Cost-effective and scalable
    • Field-proven

  • Stationary WiMAX

    Img101 Global Solutions and Airspan offers operators across the globe field-proven, cost-effective solutions for high-speed data and carrier-class voice applications.

    101 Global Solutions and Airspan’s goal is to partner with service providers to help them deliver high-speed data and voice services cost-effectively using the most advanced technology for broadband wireless communications.

    With over 100 commercial WiMAX deployments worldwide, 101 Global Solutions and Airspan provides proven broadband solutions for the widest selection of frequency bands. This wireless technology offers the speed and simplicity required to connect the world to the Internet backbone and begin satiating the immense appetite for bandwidth.

    101 Global Solutions and Airspan’s product portfolio enables operators to select a combination of products for the most cost-effective and feature-rich offering while enjoying the benefits of a scalable and modular deployment plan and pay-as-you-grow business model.

    Regardless of the size of the network, 101 Global Solutions and Airspan’s flexible solution allows for rapid deployment, extensive network capacity and coverage and provides operators with the necessary feature sets to immediately generate revenues from a new or existing customer base.

    Global connectivity needs vary from region to region. 101 Global Solutions and Airspan helps bridge the digital divide in emerging and underserved markets as well as brings innovative solutions to urban and sprawling markets. 101 Global Solutions and Airspan serves carriers looking to extend their coverage or operators seeking to build new networks in areas where alternative broadband links do not reach.

    Governments around the world are assisting in the growth of wireless broadband. Many countries have begun to issue licenses or deregulate local frequency spectrum, making them available for public/commercial use, Many governments are also offering companies incentives and tax subsidies to assist in bringing broadband to rural and underserved regions.

    These activities, coupled with the constantly growing demand for bandwidth, have created numerous new opportunities for operators around the world. 101 Global Solutions and Airspan has the technology to help all operators meet their broadband business goals.

    101 Global Solutions and Airspan Advantages:
    • Widest selection of frequency bands from 700 MHz to 5.x GHz
    • Field-proven and most widely deployed fixed WiMAX solution
    • Quick deployment, scalable network and fast ROI
    • High capacity and wide coverage and range
    • Toll-quality VoIP, QoS and comprehensive network management
    • WiMAX Forum certification and compliance

  • Rural WiMAX

    Img101 Global Solutions and Airspan continue to help providers of all sizes and in all regions to bridge the digital divide.

    101 Global Solutions and Airspan believes that all residents and businesses deserve reliable broadband connectivity – regardless of where they live. Rural areas have historically been underserved by broadband due to a lack of infrastructure. Using 101 Global Solutions and Airspan WiMAX solutions, even the most remote individuals can be reached and served.

    In the United States, reaching rural areas became even easier since the release of the 3.65 GHz frequency band by the FCC. This band is now available for service providers to deploy WiMAX networks and only requires a quick registration with the FCC for a small fee. 101 Global Solutions and Airspan currently leads this market segment, offering a quick-to-deploy and pay-as-you-grow solution with equipment that is robust and reliable.

    In addition, 101 Global Solutions and Airspan currently has the only 700 MHz and 1.5 GHz WiMAX solutions on the market. Due to the inherent characteristics of lower frequency bands, equipment operating in these bands can easily penetrate through obstacles and building walls allowing the signal to travel for further distances. Therefore, these products are ideal for low density, rural and low-cost applications. 101 Global Solutions and Airspan products in these frequencies have served customers over 30 miles from the base station!

    Our WiMAX broadband systems are optimized to deliver triple-play applications (high-speed Internet, VoIP telephony and video) to homes, businesses and municipalities. A single system can be structured to not only provide residents and businesses with services, but can also be set up to support the municipality in extending city-wide services, establishing a surveillance network and in coordinating first-responders.

    System Benefits:
    • Pay-as-you-grow system architecture
    • Advanced and easy-to-use network management
    • Robust, reliable and secure operation
    • System redundancy to ensure optimum performance
    • Indoor and outdoor end user devices including plug-and-play options
    • Largest variety of frequency bands including 700 MHz, 3.65 GHz and 4.9 GHz

    Bringing broadband to rural areas improves the quality of life in numerous ways, including the stimulation of commerce and economy, giving better access to health care and municipal information and by connecting individuals to millions of Internet users worldwide.

  • Mobile network solution - WiFi

    ImgThe 101 Global Solutions radio system will serve well as an integral part of any mobile transmission network. In accordance with network topology requirements, any capacity can be chosen, from 2xE1 to 63xE1 in combination with Ethernet up to 150Mbps; for Gigabit Ethernet the capacity can be aggregated up to 900Mbps into single port.

    If the operator is providing services apart from the core activity - mobile voice (for example ISP or other data services) - the capability of 101 Global Solutions radio system to deliver data interfaces would be most welcome, leading to a simpler, logically built network, and saving a significant part of the total system costs.

    101 Global Solutions recognizes the global trend in mobile networks to migrate to Ethernet based networks for 3G, 4G, WiMax, LTE connectivity while keeping connectivity for existing interfaces (V.35, E1, STM-1 and others).

  • Fixed network solution

    ImgThere are many good uses for microwave radio in any fixed network for both data and voice service access.

    The most typical applications are:
    connection of local exchanges to the network with appropriate capacity radio, from 2xE1 to 63xE1 or 2-8Mbps V.35 interfaces are available, or STM-1 interface;
    provision of high speed data connection to xDSL concentrators where no fiber is available. 4-100 Mbps Fast Ethernet, or up to 900Mbits Gigabit Ethernet into single port;
    for connections of large/demanding customers where an existing cable network is not available, a combined solution consisting of a mix of data and voice interfaces is typically a cost-saving and preferable option;
    temporary installations during the cable network build-out phase;
    connection of office buildings to the network allows economic delivery of services for numerous customers in a single building.

  • ISP – Internet Service Providers

    Img101 Global Solutions radio equipment will find a place in any ISP network for small to medium capacity applications (4 to 34 Mbps FDX) and also for high speed networks with 100 Mbps Fast Ethernet or Gigabit Ethernet capacities. It will provide the tools to build small backbone connections between POPs of ISP, to wireless access base stations, to xDSL concentrator locations, etc.

    101 Global Solutions radios will connect the most demanding, serious single customers to your network as well as office buildings, industrial parks, etc.

    ISP users especially will benefit from 101 GLOBAL SOLUTIONS's unique features such as:
    • CFIP Series designed for 100Mbit Ethernet networks;
    • CFQ Series for Gigabit Ethernet connectivity and a combination of E1 or STM-1 interfaces;
    • quick delivery time;
    • quick installation and transfer to different locations.

  • Municipal network solution

    Img No modern hospital is imaginable without computerized and digital medical equipment. Often patient data is also kept in digital form as database for 101 Global Solutions and convenient access. The importance of voice communications is literally a question of life and death, so every one of us is interested in good communications infrastructure for the medical institutions that care for us.

    101 Global Solutions radio systems will serve as building blocks for modern networks in healthcare institutions like hospitals and laboratories for data services between LANs and PBXes providing voice services.

  • Oil & Gas network solution

    Img101 Global Solutions fulfills special requirements for oil and gas industrial networks, which includes specific network setup like full outdoor equipment, repeater sites, and also full indoor solutions. At the oil fields it is required to keep all electrical equipment isolated for security reason – here full indoor solution fits perfectly. On the other hand – for network along pipeline it is much preferred to use full outdoor solution, since it is very cost effective to avoid extra building just for a network repeater site.

  • Enterprise network solution

    ImgModern corporate users of telecommunications services are experiencing the biggest-ever need for corporate networks, due to the rapidly spreading use if IT applications and the increasing role of these applications in the everyday business of companies.

    101 Global Solutions's microwave radio systems make it easy and convenient to build great corporate networks for both data and voice, providing excellent connections between separated corporate LANs and PABXes to connect corporate divisions like offices, production plants, warehouses, ports and so on.

  • Video surveillance solution

    ImgWith the conversion of video surveillance from analog to digital equipment, it is more and more logical to build a digital network for this application. Modern IP video cameras provide all the features of their analog equivalents, and also allow storage of the video footage digitally on servers. This increases the efficiency of the system through the use of many digital-only features not available for analog systems, since the compactness of compressed video actually decreases the storage costs for kept information.

    101 Global Solutions equipment will provide Ethernet channels for video networks for the right price, and the equipment will provide E1 channels for associated applications like radar control, PBX use, etc.

  • Utility network solution

    Img101 Global Solutions microwave radio systems are successfully used in the networks of utility companies in the electric, oil/gas and other sectors.

    Available capacity options (4-622 Mbps) in conjunction with multiple types of interfaces (Fast Ethernet, Gigabit, V.35 and E1, STM-1) provide these companies with data and voice services for:
    general use internal corporate data networks;
    data networks for controlling production equipment
    private voice network linking PABXes.

  • Healthcare private network

    ImgNo modern hospital is imaginable without computerized and digital medical equipment. Often patient data is also kept in digital form as database for 101 Global Solutions and convenient access. The importance of voice communications is literally a question of life and death, so every one of us is interested in good communications infrastructure for the medical institutions that care for us.

    CFM series radio systems will serve as building blocks for modern networks in healthcare institutions like hospitals and laboratories for data services between LANs and PBXes providing voice services.

    The equipment will guarantee constant quality data channels of up to 100 Mbps Full Duplex for Ethernet (or up to 622 Mbits Gigabit Ethernet) connections and up to 63 E1 channels for PBX connectivity or other general telecommunications use.

  • Satellite Communications – VSAT Solution and services 101 Global Solutions and IABG

    ImgToday, data, voice and video must be available everywhere, even in countries whose communications infrastructure does not meet our standards. With satellite communication, you can offset such technological deficits and reach your branches all over the world quickly and efficiently. This is done with a level of data security and authenticity which far exceeds all terrestrial solutions available today. Satellite communication gives you efficiency and cost advantages in comparison to terrestrial systems when
    • Global availability is a requirement
    • There is a high demand for transmission security and authenticity
    • Large data volumes are provided simultaneously to a broadly distributed user group and
    • High-quality audiovisual data is to be transmitted

    We offer advice in planning, realization and the operation of
    • Technically flawless
    • Economical
    • Flexible and
    • Fast

    ImgSatellite communication solutions. Whether data rates are shared or exclusive, we meet your individual requirements. You benefit from the expertise of a full service provider in the area of information and communication. We supply you not only with the satellite terminal, but also help you to achieve the best possible integrated communication solution, tailored to meet your company’s needs.

    We place particular emphasis on security. As a founding member of the IPv6F forum, we understand our business. We protect your data with the right IP security application so that confidential data remains confidential.

  • High Speed Broadband Internet Service

    ImgOffering Broadband Internet Services to Residential and Business Users via Wimax 802.16e, Wifi 802.11 a/b/g, Cat5 and Fiber Optic technology.
    - Dedicated and shared bandwidth allocation.
    - High data security protection via Cisco Firewalls
    - 24/7 On Site Technical support
    - VPN (Virtual Private Network) Network Services
    - Voice over IP Services
    - Video Conferencing Services
    - Automated online billing solution

  • IPTV Over 4G WiMAX Wireless Network

    Img101 Digital Cable Television offers you many exclusive and attractive channels and programs, enables high quality picture and sound, as well as other television and interactive services:
    - More than 30 channels of Premium Package on digital platform.
    - Electronic program guide and
    - World cinematography on your screen.

  • VOIP Solution

    ImgImplementing a voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solution can not only dramatically enhance your network but also affect the entire way your organization communicates. Because VoIP technology, also known as IP telephony, can now deliver the functionality and quality of service required for voice applications, the business rationale for implementing a VoIP solution may be stronger than ever.

    As a leader in converged communications, 101 Global Solutions Network Services can implement a VoIP solution to enable your organization to take advantage of the best IP telephony technology has to offer.

    A VoIP solution from 101 Global Solutions Network Services provides:
    • Secure, reliable communications that take advantage of your IP infrastructure
    • Solutions that can scale from one to 10,000+ users seamlessly
    • Flexible functionality that can improve agility to respond to other employees and your customers
    • Potential cost savings from centralized network administration, bandwidth optimization, and reduced usage fees—and other money-saving opportunities
    • Application enablement to take advantage of the latest in Unified Communications and rich, multimedia services
    • Streamlined move, add, and change capabilities that can reduce time and administrative costs

    101 Global Solutions Network Services has more than 30 years of experience designing, installing, and maintaining complex voice and data networks. With an extensive portfolio of platforms and applications from today’s leading manufacturers—and a full line of Day-2 and maintenance support services—we deliver comprehensive VoIP solutions for organizations of all sizes and in all kinds of industries. No other provider offers the breadth of solutions and depth of experience that we do.

    With a VoIP solution from 101 Global Solutions Network Services, you’ll not only receive the latest IP telephony platforms and applications, you'll also receive our commitment to support your migration every step of the way.

    Getting the most from a VoIP solution does not end at deployment. To maximize your investment, you should monitor your solution for health and performance. 101 Global Solutions Network Services offers comprehensive VoIP and data network monitoring applications that can automatically monitor all interfaces on your entire network.

    Our VoIP performance monitoring applications include:
    • Total visibility to your network.
    • Reports that document pathing information between any two endpoints and the health of all involved interfaces.
    • Utilization and packet loss tracking so that you can know where the problem is—and why—for quicker resolution.
    • Available as a license or as a 101 Global Solutions service.